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Bourke’s Parakeet (Parrot): Bird Species Profile

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Bourke’s parakeets are actually a superb introductory bird for those brand-new to parrots or hookbills; they possess a calm temperament and can captivate on their own. They are quiet birds that are actually optimal condo occupants as well as are actually similarly satisfied for small aviaries or individual crates, where they are actually excellent companions for cockatiels and finches in addition to other Bourke’s parakeets. Maintain mild Bourke’s parakeets far from larger, threatening birds.

Variety Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Bourke’s parrots, Bourke’s parakeet, Bourkies, blue-vented parrot, sundown parrot, as well as pink-bellied parrot

TAXONOMIC NAME: Neopsephotus bourkii

GROWNUP SIZE: 7 to 8 inches

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: May live as long as 25 years

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Source as well as History

Bourke’s parakeet is actually a nomadic varieties indigenous to Australia. Wild birds also stay in metropolitan places.

These birds are actually named for Sir Richard Bourke, the guv of Australia’s New South Wales area coming from 1831 to 1837. It was at first classified as part of the Neophema genus however was delegated to the Neopsephotus genus in the 1990s.

Effective captive reproduction plans have helped make Bourke’s parakeets preferred pets in properties throughout the arena. This types is actually certainly not endangered; untamed populaces seem to become growing.


Called a cute, delicate, and also good-natured varieties, Bourke’s parakeets make great pets when hand-fed as infants, which allows them to bond along with their individual caretakers.

These are actually intelligent birds yet are actually also mellow and peaceful, especially compared to other parrot varieties. They are cuddly and also prefer companionship; expect a guest using on your shoulder frequently. They additionally get stints of power and also take pleasure in soaring around.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Peak activity often happens just after daybreak and also sunset, when they may acquire a bit noisy, though not aggravatingly therefore. Overall, these are actually relatively quiet birds when reviewed to other parrots. Unlike various other parrots, Bourke’s parakeets carry out certainly not speak or carry out methods.

Bourke’s Parakeet Colors and also Markings

While certainly not as clearly colored as other types, Bourke’s parakeets are still very stunning. They have a dirty brownish pigmentation to their quill with pink plumes covering their chests and mid-sections, as well as blue rear plumes. The rear of their airfoils present a darker brownish-gray color with each plume highlighted through a lighter-colored outline.

The sexes can be differentiated creatively– they are intimately dimorphic. The man has a blue temple while the adult girl possesses little bit of or even no blue on the temple. The male additionally often tends to become a little higher the woman.

A number of color anomalies are actually feasible along with Bourke’s parakeets. Some of the best popular is the glowing Bourke’s parakeet, which is actually a bright color of pink.

Caring for Bourke’s Parakeets

These birds are actually passionate flyers, so they are actually better suited for spacious bird sanctuaries instead of cages. A suitable aviary goes to the very least 6 feets in duration along with numerous plant branches for the birds to go up.

If an aviary is not an useful opportunity, pick the most extensive crate possible, with measurements that are actually larger than they are tall, as these birds delight in horizontal tour. This bird is best matched caged along with one more Bourke’s parakeet; although they may live properly on their very own.

Bourke’s parakeets are actually enthusiastic bathers, so see to it to always keep bath time swimming pools inside the crate or even bird sanctuary. Make sure the bath time water is actually fresh and clean. You can easily likewise spray the bird with warm water for a delightful task for the bird.

Parakeets are surprisingly social birds, and also Bourke’s parakeet is no exception. Although a lot less requiring than a few other types, your bird needs at least pair of hrs of communication as well as instruction per day.

Common Health Problems

Like various other parrot varieties, Bourke’s parakeet may be susceptible to psittacosis, which can be spread in between birds and humans. This bacterial illness causes breathing troubles; it is actually treatable with anti-biotics. A number of infections may also strike parakeets, that can easily create feather concerns, diarrhea, and also pneumonia.

Parakeets are actually additionally vulnerable to sinus congestion dued to the Aspergillus fungus; proper nourishment and care are going to prevent this issue.

Several bloodsuckers can affect parakeets. Digestive tract parasites may create a bird to burn fat and also come to be miserable, while external termites as well as lice are going to cause the bird to scratch and lose feathers.

Diet regimen and Nutrition

Bourke’s parakeets are actually turf parakeets, which implies that they forage for food among the ordinaries and areas. Wild Bourke’s parakeets eat a diet plan based mostly on seed, lawns, and also various plant issue, enhanced along with fruits, berries, bugs, and also other forms of food items when on call.

A Bourke’s parakeet in bondage requires a well balanced meal daily. This bird will take up to a tbsp of small parrot seed mix implied for budgies as well as birds of similar measurements and also a variety of fresh veggies and fruit products.


Bourke’s parakeets are much less energetic than a lot of other parakeets however still need to have between 2 to 3 hrs beyond the crate daily in an overseen play area. These birds like lengthy horizontal trips, so supply a secure soaring setting– free of other creatures, roof ventilators, and open doors or even windows.

Your Bourke’s parakeet will appreciate lots of toys. Deal industrial plastic toys with alarms as well as intense colours as well as day-to-day family items to munch on, such as cardboard egg containers.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Bourke’s Parakeet

You can certainly not normally find Bourke’s parakeets in pet dog stores; often, you’ll require to find a breeder. These birds are actually not given up through their managers as usually as various other, harder animal birds. Yet, still, reach out to saving institutions and also pet homes to find if there are birds offered for adoption.

Breeders offer Bourke’s parakeets in the stable of $100 to $300. Rescues, adopting institutions, as well as breeders where you may find Bourke’s parakeets consist of:

  • Burge Bird Rescue
  • Bird Breeders
  • Birds Now

Be sure that the bird you would like to take away is alert, energetic, as well as displays all the signs of a well-balanced bird, such as brilliant eyes, tidy feathers, as well as a complete crop.

Bourke’s parakeets are an outstanding introductory bird for those brand-new to hookbills or even parrots; they have a tranquil behavior as well as can amuse on their own. They are silent birds that are actually optimal house dwellers and also are every bit as satisfied for tiny bird sanctuaries or even personal cages, where they are superb partners for finches and cockatiels as properly as various other Bourke’s parakeets. Maintain delicate Bourke’s parakeets away coming from larger, threatening birds.

Like other parrot species, Bourke’s parakeet can easily be susceptible to psittacosis, which may be actually dispersed in between people as well as birds.